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Insurance Defense

One of the cornerstones of our practice is the conglomerate of cases that we categorize as insurance defense work. Our partners have over a half-century of combined experience in this area, representing people and companies who have been sued. All BAJB attorneys have career experience in traditional insurance defense. Some attorneys transitioned to other areas after their early training, while other attorneys continued to develop their expertise in the area, taking it to a new level.The diversity and depth of our experience in insurance defense, coupled with our proven track record, makes BAJB an obvious choice for those who want the best. Our clients consider our counsel and representation in these matters a valuable investment.

High Exposure Cases

  • Premises cases involving sexual assaults and attempted murders
  • Boating fatality cases
  • Vehicular cases involving allegedly intoxicated operators
  • Serious burn injury cases

Types of Coverage

  • Texas personal auto policy
  • General commercial liability policy
  • Business auto policy
  • Watercraft policies


We provide seminars for insurance professionals. For more information, contact Jennifer Brenner.

Insurance Defense Professionals