We are counselors, trial lawyers, mediators, and professional instructors.

Construction Law

BAJB provides legal services to the construction industry in a number of ways. We represent companies in the negotiation and creation of contract documents. We advocate the interests of our clients in litigation and arbitration proceedings. Finally, one of our partners conducts mediations and arbitrations as a neutral, and has extensive writing and teaching experience in the field of construction law.

Our goal parallels the demands of the construction business: to provide efficient, cost-effective service that gets things done.

Examples of Services

  • Creating sensible, compliant forms and procedures
  • Counseling clients through lien, bond and payment claims
  • Working with other parties to the construction contract to resolve disputes efficiently
  • Advising clients on insurance coverage matters
  • Litigating construction-related disputes

Examples of Significant Experience

  • Representing purchaser of assets through a Section 363 sale in a variety of business relationship and claim issues
  • Acting as insurance coverage counsel to companies receiving a defense from an insurance carrier in construction defect matters
  • Defending on-the-job accident claims, and counseling through OSHA investigations
  • Working with surety and substitute contractors to complete commercial and government projects left in default


  • General Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Residential Builders
  • Product and System Manufacturers

Construction Law Professionals