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Employment Law

Every business needs legal guidance and protection from claims, complaints, and lawsuits. BAJB provides that guidance and protection on all levels, depending upon your needs.

Prevention and Protection

BAJB has found that preparation is the best way to prevent employment law problems. Creating clear, direct employment policies and communicating them to employees is the first step in managing conflict before it evolves into an expensive dispute. Developing progressive approaches to conflict management that emphasize early resolution in a systematic manner is the next step.

We all know that all conflict cannot be prevented or detected. As government regulation increases in this area, the number of lawsuits will most likely increase as well. BAJB can be your guide and counselor when conflict escalates, as well as during conflict prevention.


  • Draft employment policy manuals and related documents
  • Represent employers in EEOC, Title VII, Section 1981 termination and contract disputes
  • Represent employees in discrimination claims
  • Defend non-subscribers in employee injury claims
  • Represent employers and insurance carriers in workers’ compensation claims
  • Advise on a full range of employment-related issues

Employment Law Professionals