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Will, Trust, and Guardianship Disputes

With the support of an experienced litigation team, BAJB assists trustees, beneficiaries, executors, and administrators in all manners of probate litigation, including will contests, trust disputes, and breach of fiduciary duty. We also assist individuals with disputes involving a guardian or guardianship.

Our team has a combined experience of over 100 jury trials and nearly five decades in legal practice. We represent clients in all stages of litigation – from conference room to courtroom to appellate court.

At Burns Anderson Jury & Brenner, LLP, we strive to understand each client’s interests and objectives, educate the client about the process, and work together with our client to forge creative, cost-effective solutions.

Issues include

  • Will contests
  • Trust disputes
  • Removal of a trustee, administrator, or executor
  • Demand for accounting
  • Heirship determination
  • Construction or interpretation of a Will or Trust
  • Removal of a guardian
  • Appointment of a guardian
  • Dispute involving a power of attorney

To schedule an initial consultation regarding a disputed probate, trust, or guardianship matter at no charge, email us at probate@bajb.com or call us at 512-338-5322.

BAJB also assists with uncontested probate and guardianships.

Probate Litigation Professionals

  • David Brenner
  • Elizabeth Brenner