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Family and Child Protection Law

Family law is a complex, often emotionally charged area of legal practice. Regardless of whether you intend to cooperate with each other, the legal process can put pressure on an already tense situation. BAJB has experience with divorce, paternity, child custody, and child protective services cases. We recognize that the legal standard, “best interest of the children,” is subject to interpretation, and may be different for different families, just as a “just and right division of the community estate” may depend upon the circumstances. We will give you honest advice, delivered with compassion. We will assist you in negotiating a legal resolution to conflicts while at the same time working to promote an equitable and workable solution to contentious family matters.

Family Law practice areas include:
Property Division—Identifying and Valuing Assets
Child Custody–Establishing and Modifying Conservatorship, Visitation, and Support
Child Support
Spousal Support (Alimony)
Paternity Issues
Premarital Agreements
Family Violence and Protective Orders
Suits involving Child Protective Services (CPS)






http://parentresourceguide.texaschildrenscommission.gov/ — for parents in CPS cases

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Family and Child Protection Law Professionals