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N.J. “Nick” Huestis

A legislative expert and experienced workers’ compensation administrator, Nick provides valuable services for BAJB and its clients.


  • Consults with clients on workers’ compensation issues and legislation
  • Represents carriers at TWCC
  • Assists clients with informal medical dispute resolutions and administrative violations
  • Assists attorneys with training workers’ compensation adjusters

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  • Hammerman & Gainer – Director of Workers’ Compensation Carrier Representative Services
  • Roan & Autrey – Director of Workers’ Compensation Services
  • Community Services Associates – President/Owner
  • Texas Association of Business – V.P. of Workers’ Compensation
  • Texas Industrial Accident Board – Board Member
  • Power Equipment Sales & Service, Inc. – V.P. of Administration
  • Driscoll Foundation – Assistant to Director
  • Dryden & Holloway Accounting Firm – Consultant
  • Nueces County Mental Health and Retardation Community Center – Executive Director
  • Action Partnership #1 – General Partner
  • Huestis Oil and Gas LTD, General Partner
  • Grand Care, Inc. – Director & Partner


  • Corpus Christi State University – M.A., Political Science, Sociology
  • University of Texas, Austin – B.A., Sociology